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Galapagos land iguana yawning
© Jason Lim
Floreana mockingbird
3rd Oct 2023
Island restoration Rewilding

12 missing species set to return to Floreana

Today is the day when the next phase of the restoration of Floreana island begins, as the project moves into the eradication phase, the largest and most complex eradication ever attempted on an inhabited tropical island.
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Little vermilion flycatcher
27th Apr 2022
Events Island restoration

Protecting the Birds of Galapagos webinar 2022

Our webinar focussed on some of the most urgent issues facing Galapagos land birds, and the great steps that have been taken to tackle the threats and restore the biodiversity that we have lost.
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19th Jan 2021
Wildlife facts

Vampire finches: how little birds in Galapagos evolved to drink blood

For most people, the word “vampire” brings to mind Dracula or perhaps slayers such as Blade or Buffy; or maybe even the vampire bats of South America. Few will think of a small and rather lovely bird – the finch.
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11th Mar 2020
Invasive species Island restoration

Protecting Floreana’s finches – Restoring Floreana update

Our partners on the Restoring Floreana programme have started trials to determine how best to protect these, and other native species found on the island, from poison bait when the eradication section of the programme occurs to remove invasive...
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27th Dec 2019

Reducing the threat of Avian Malaria

Avian malaria is a newly recognised threat to the famous finches, penguins and mockingbirds of Galapagos.
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26th Jun 2019

Is urbanisation affecting Darwin's finches?

It is well known that the evolution of Darwin's finches was driven predominantly by competition between species and the types of food available on each island. What impact, therefore, could the increasing amound of human food found on the Islands...
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8th Aug 2018
Invasive species

Invasive Species in Galapagos

An invasive species is any living organism that is not native to an ecosystem. They are found all around the world and are among the leading threats to indigenous wildlife.
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Large ground finch
9th May 2016
Wildlife facts

Identifying Darwin's finches

Darwin’s finches are all incredibly similar in shape, size and colour, but there are a few differences which can help you get started in identifying them.
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5th May 2015
Invasive species

Mangrove Finch Project Update: Second Season Release

The Mangrove Finch Project team are returning to the mangrove forests with some very precious cargo. Find out more...
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2nd Apr 2015
Invasive species

Guest Blog: The incredible story of "Numero Uno"

Find out about the heart-warming story of Numero Uno, one very lucky mangrove finch chick!
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18th Mar 2015
Invasive species News

World’s most important eggs about to hatch in the Galapagos Islands

Thirty mangrove finch eggs transported to the Charles Darwin Research Station for the second season of captive rearing...
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13th Feb 2015

The Darwin's Finch Family Tree Continues To Evolve

A study published the day before Charles Darwin's 206th Birthday has reinforced his theory regarding adaptive radiation of the finches on Galapagos.
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