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Conservation challenges

Green turtle entangled in plastic
© Jonathan Green
Brown rat

Invasive species

Despite strong biosecurity measures, invasive species such as rats and feral cats are devastating native plants and animals, with nearly 50% of the Archipelago’s land birds at risk of extinction.
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Plastics in Galapagos


The impact of a growing human footprint on waste and water management systems is increasing on the Islands, while the burden of incoming plastic pollution on ocean currents also grows.
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Galapagos penguins at sunset

Climate change

Climate change is likely to increase the frequency of El Niño events, which can be catastrophic for wildlife in Galapagos, so we must ensure that the Islands’ ecosystems are healthy and resilient.
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Illegal shark fishing in Galapagos


The waters surrounding Galapagos are affected by unsustainable and illegal fishing from both national and international fleets, threatening the survival of migratory marine species such as sharks.
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Our projects

Our projects are helping to restore degraded island habitats, conserve threatened species and protect the oceans around Galapagos.

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