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About us

Nazca boobies with chick in Galapagos
© Leighton Lum
Baby Galapagos sea lion

Our vision, mission and strategy

Our vision is of the unique nature and beauty of the Galapagos Archipelago conserved and protected in perpetuity, and our strategy is focussed on island restoration and ocean protection.
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Jen Jones with a waved albatross in Galapagos

Our team

Our team embodies our values of professionalism, creativity, inclusivity and adaptability. We are passionate about Galapagos and bring a wealth of experience from across different disciplines.
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Jess Howard of GCT presenting at the PPSS workshop in Lima

Jobs and working at GCT

Find out about current vacancies and what it’s like working at Galapagos Conservation Trust.
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Monty Halls, President of Galapagos Conservation Trust

Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are chosen for their links to Galapagos and for their passion and commitment to conservation, and range from high-profile TV presenters to direct descendants of Charles Darwin.
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Waved albatross, Española island, Galapagos


Find out more about how we are governed and about our Board of Trustees, who set our overall vision, mission, policy and goals.
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Galapagos marine iguana and stop sign

Our policies

Our policies and procedures are informed by our organisational values, and ensure that we are transparent, accountable and ethical in our operations, both in the UK and in Ecuador.
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Members of the Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Programme team

Our partners

We work collaboratively with a wide range of international partners, including governmental organisations, academic institutions and researchers, businesses and other conservation NGOs.
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Yawning Galapagos sea lion

Contact us

Need to get in touch? You can contact our team by email, phone or post.
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Help the wildlife of Galapagos survive and thrive

There are many ways to support our vision for a sustainable Galapagos: why not adopt an animal, become a GCT member or donate today?

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