Galapagos Climate Action

GCT is working towards a more sustainable vision for the Galapagos Marine Reserve. We want to increase the resilience of the Galapagos artisanal fishery to the threats of climate change and marine plastic pollution. By protecting the environment, we can help to stabilise climate change and, in turn, protect the wildlife of Galapagos, local livelihoods and the ecosystem services needed by the international community.

GCT at COP26

GCT attended COP26 in Glasgow on 6 November. We used the event to amplify our message that ocean protection is key to climate resilience. The global ocean and the species that live there play a major role in capturing carbon from the atmosphere. Unsustainable fishing and plastic pollution are exacerbating climate change impacts. Check out our blog – COP26: our CEO’s perspective – Galapagos Conservation Trust – to find out what happened at COP26. 

We are calling for action from grassroots to governments to tackle the greatest threats to the Galapagos Marine Reserve by transforming pledges into collective action. Learn more about how we want to re-balance the scales for the Galapagos Marine Reserve in our blog.

GCT Programmes

GCT is taking a holistic approach to protecting the wildlife and communities in the Galapagos Islands from the threats of climate change, overfishing and pollution. By raising funds and awareness in the UK, we support and deliver projects in Galapagos that respond to key threats facing the islands. Projects that focus on restoring natural habitats such as the ocean, protecting threatened species and driving sustainable solutions, including our plastics work.


The global ocean and the species that live there play a major role in capturing carbon from the atmosphere – called blue carbon. This carbon capture is inhibited by increasing levels of pollution, habitat degradation and overfishing exacerbating climate change impacts in Galapagos.

Share your climate change pledges

Whether you are trying to reduce the plastic waste in your household by buying loose fruit and vegetables, minimise your carbon footprint by cycling instead of driving, or protecting the world’s ocean resources by eating more sustainably sourced fish – we want to know!

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