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Medium tree finch

Medium tree finch
© Professor W G Hale

Common name:

Medium tree finch

Scientific name:

Camarhynchus pauper

Spanish name:

Pinzón arboreo mediano

Conservation status:

Critically Endangered


Average lifespan:

15 – 20 years

Average size:

12.5 centimetres

Average weight:

16 - 20 grams


The medium tree finch is endemic to Floreana island, and is only found in a small range of 23 km2 in the highlands, in forested habitats such as evergreen forest, tropical deciduous forest and humid scrub. The medium tree finch is a small, fast bird, mostly greyish-brown, with white and yellowish underparts helping it to blend in with its surroundings very well.  It used to be found across Floreana, but in recent years the island has suffered extensive habitat destruction due to human activity; agriculture expansion, degradation by free-ranging domestic livestock and invasive species such as feral pigs, rats, and cats. These invasive species have had a detrimental effect on the native wildlife across Floreana island, with the birdlife particularly hard hit.

Medium tree finches in Galapagos

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