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Tessa the Giant Tortoise: A Galapagos Journey


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In our second educational storybook, Tessa the Giant Tortoise: A Galapagos Journey, we join our adventurer, Tessa, on her migration to and from the highlands of Santa Cruz island in Galapagos, as she faces perils such as busy roads and non-native species.

Throughout the book, children will also learn about other wildlife found in Galapagos, both native and introduced, as our tortoise makes her journey. This book is bilingual with an English version starting from the front and a Spanish version starting at the back, which will also help children in Galapagos learn English, a skill that is valued on the Islands. A glossary, tortoise facts and an information page are included alongside a suite of educational resources available to download for free. The book is great for all ages but is specifically aimed at 5-8 years old (key stage 1).

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