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Marti the Hammerhead Shark: A Galapagos Journey


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Marti the Hammerhead Shark: A Galapagos Journey is our first educational storybook. It follows Marti, a young scalloped hammerhead shark, on her journey from the Galapagos Islands to Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Through Marti and her marine friends’ magical, yet perilous, journey across the Pacific Ocean, children will learn about the dangers that Critically Endangered scalloped hammerheads face on their epic migrations. Furthermore, they will discover more about the scientists who track these incredible journeys and how to protect marine species. We have also created a suite of educational resources available to download when you purchase the book.

This educational storybook book is written by GCT’s Sarah Langford and beautifully illustrated by Lisa Brown. It is sure to capture a child’s imagination and teach them more about the marine life of Galapagos.

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