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Alberto the Waved Albatross: A Galapagos Journey


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Alberto the Waved Albatross is the third in our series of educational storybooks.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Alberto as he returns to Española island from the great open ocean. Here he will be reunited with his partner Isabela and they, along with 12,000 other breeding pairs, will take on the challenge of rearing a new chick together while overcoming many obstacles, including industrial fishing and plastic pollution.

Aimed at primary school children (7-11 years old), the book is bilingual, with an English version starting from the front and an Ecuadorian Spanish version starting at the back. A glossary, albatross fact page, plastics information page and actions page, which provides ways in which we can protect albatrosses, are also included.

The book addresses conservation challenges that are not exclusive to Galapagos and its wildlife, making it an engrossing read for children and their parents across South America and the rest of the world.

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