Discovering Galapagos


Project Background

Why is Discovering Galapagos important?

We believe that today’s school students are tomorrow’s conservation ambassadors and the future stewards of our planet. By deepening their understanding of the natural world and the conservation challenges that we face in the future, we hope to inspire and engage students in the sustainable development of Galapagos and the wider world through the Discovering Galapagos programme.

In Galapagos, rapid population growth is placing additional strains on a delicate ecosystem that is also at risk from increased tourism and associated threats such as invasive species. The issues faced in the microcosm of Galapagos are of global relevance and the communication of these problems and their potential solutions could influence conservation management strategies in other areas of the world.

In the UK, the 2014 introduction of the new Key Stage 2 & 3 curriculum presented an opportunity for innovative, adaptive resources that can support the transition. In Galapagos, a requirement for interactive tools designed for teachers and students was identified.

What is Discovering Galapagos?

Discovering Galapagos is an educational resource for use in the UK, Ecuador and Galapagos. It is an ongoing project with a modular planning approach enabling the addition of further resources depending on available resources.

With strong links to the UK science and geography curricula, Discovering Galapagos is ideal as a highly relevant and reliable resource for use in schools across KS2, KS3, KS4, and beyond. While internet infrastructure in Galapagos is an obstacle, resources can be delivered in Galapagos schools by using CDs or external hard drives.

The resource consists of two websites – one adapted for the UK audience with easy to use, downloadable curriculum linked resources and one adapted for delivery in the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador. Sitting in between the websites is a bilingual blog – the first time this form of international connection has been attempted between students in the UK, mainland Ecuador and the Islands.

From pirates to plate tectonics and colonisation to conservation, Discovering Galapagos will bring the Islands to life in your classroom.

© Adrian Vasquez

Learning about sharks at Shark Day in Galapagos © Adrian Vasquez

Key objectives of Discovering Galapagos

1.  To build a better understanding of the forces that formed, shaped and threaten Galapagos.
2.  To encourage a greater engagement in the conservation of the natural world. 
3.  To inspire an increased awareness of the challenges and opportunities in sustainable development. 
4.  To form and bolster cultural and education connections between the UK and Ecuador.
5.  To enthuse with regards to understanding and addressing the wider issues that humanity face through the lens of Galapagos.

How can you help?

If you are a teacher, you can help by making the most of our online resources in your classes and sharing them with your network.  

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