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Galapagos land iguana yawning
© Jason Lim
Galapagos giant tortoise eating cactus pad
20th Nov 2023
Island restoration Research

Galapagos giant tortoises: An update from the field

We spoke to Dr Patrick Moldowan, who joined the Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Programme as Principal Investigator earlier this year, about the team’s recent work in the field.
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Plastic waste found in Galapagos giant tortoise faeces
13th Nov 2023
Plastic pollution

New research shows that Galapagos giant tortoises are ingesting plastic waste

A new study published in the journal Environmental Pollution has found that giant tortoises on Santa Cruz island are ingesting items including medical face masks, glass and plastic bags.
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Galapagos Day 2022 at the Royal Geographical Society, London
25th Oct 2022
Biodiversity loss Events

Galapagos Day 2022: Protecting Species & Preventing Extinctions

On Thursday 20 October we were delighted to return to the Royal Geographical Society for our first in-person Galapagos Day since 2019.
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3rd Aug 2022
Women in science

Women in Science: PCR in Galapagos Giant Tortoises

Gislayne, a biotechnologist from Galapagos explores the use of PCR in work to assess the health of Endangered giant tortoises.
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27th Jan 2022

Martin Clunes in Galapagos

Martin Clunes: Islands of the Pacific In this final episode of the three-part series, Martin's journey across the Pacific Islands ends in the Galapagos Islands. He learns about the importance and conservation of this unique Archipelago - including...
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25th Jan 2022

Human activity drives antibiotic resistance in Galapagos tortoises

Scientists have identified the presence of antibiotic resistance in the Galapagos giant tortoises that live alongside humans. Ainoa Nieto Claudín, researcher and wildlife veterinarian explains more.
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23rd Jun 2021

Are tortoises the ‘hippos’ of Galapagos?

As well as being endemic Galapagos giant tortoises are also very important ecosystem engineers that can greatly influence the areas they inhabit. Scientist Diego, explains a day in the life of a tortoise scientist, and whether tortoises the...
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24th Feb 2021

Searching for giants

An update from the field as GTMEP researchers visit Alcedo volcano, Isabela to continue their vital work in tracking and protecting Galapagos' giant tortoises.
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28th Oct 2020

Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Programme - Updates

Despite activities being greatly affected by COVID-19, the dedication of the GTMEP team has seen great developments for the project this year.
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1st Sep 2020

Ten years in the land of giants

The Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Programme (GTMEP) was set up in 2010, and GCT has been supporting the project for over ten years. Henry Nicholls talks to ecologist Stephen Blake about how the project came about, what has been achieved over...
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16th Jul 2020

Galapagos, lockdown and the impacts of COVID-19 - Interview Series Part 1 - Dr Ainoa Nieto

An interview with Dr Ainoa Nieto, Wildlife Veterinarian and Researcher at the Charles Darwin Foundation, and researcher for the Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Programme.
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24th Apr 2020
Education and outreach

Connecting with Nature: 2019 Project Updates from GCT’s Santa Cruz based Outreach Coordinator Anne Guezou

In 2019, Anne Guezou has continued to bring the beauty of Galapagos to life for young islanders, international students and teachers, and engaged the local community as she has driven significant progress with GCT’s educational outreach across the...
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