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Felipe Cruz Tribute Fund

Born on Floreana island, to one of the first families to settle in Galapagos, Felipe was a passionate conservationist, driven to protect his home Islands for their unique biodiversity and for future generations. 

Through his various roles at the Galapagos National Park and Charles Darwin Foundation, he played a significant role in some of the largest ecosystem restoration projects in Galapagos including Project Isabela, an eight year, multi-million dollar programme to rid northern Isabela and Santiago islands of introduced goats. This project paved the way for ecosystem regeneration in Galapagos on an even greater scale – including the ambitious Restoring Floreana programme. 

Felipe Cruz
Felipe Cruz

Floreana Restoration Programme

In March 2019 GCT held an event at Bridgewater House in London in memory of Felipe, which focussed on the fascinating history of Floreana and the work GCT is undertaking in order to restore Floreana and save threatened species. On the island, invasive mammals have contributed to 11 local extinctions and one global extinction. Fifty-five further species still found on Floreana are under threat, with their populations under pressure from introduced species. Several are now Critically Endangered on a global scale. 

Our guests, including many friends of Felipe, pledged to support one of six species that will benefit from the Floreana programme and serve as good representatives of the project and why it is so important. These included the Floreana mockingbird, Galapagos racer snake, medium tree finch, little vermillion flycatcher, Galapagos petrel and the Floreana giant tortoise. 

By donating, they are helping us continue work that meant so much to Felipe – restoring Floreana back to its former glory and saving species which are in urgent need of help. We are grateful to everyone who so generously donated and have listed them below. 

In memory of Felipe Cruz – Roll of Honour

Alan Chapman – Floreana mockingbird 

Audrey Simmons – Floreana mockingbird 

Baroness Hooper – Medium tree finch 

Carol Kemm – Little vermillion flycatcher 

Charlotte Sundquist – Galapagos racer snake 

Charmian Caines – Little vermillion flycatcher 

Chris Waddel – Galapagos racer snake 

David Horwell – Medium tree finch 

Deborah Leng – Galapagos petrel 

Dr Anthony Greenway 

Dr Mark Collins and Family – Little vermillion flycatcher 

Edward & Sally Benthall – Galapagos petrel 

George Seligman – Medium tree finch 

Gill Wilson – Little vermillion flycatcher 

Hauxton Bird Group – Little vermillion flycatcher 

Irene and Graham Francis – Galapagos racer snake 

Jane Tozer – Medium tree finch 

Jenn Stone – Little vermillion flycatcher 

Judith Farrar – Floreana mockingbird 

Karen Hunneyball – Floreana mockingbird 

Kirsty Wilson – Galapagos petrel 

Lord and Lady Phillimore – Floreana mockingbird 

Mark and Sophie Lewisohn – Galapagos petrel 

Michael Drake – Little vermillion flycatcher 

Nicholas Moll – Floreana mockingbird 

Oliver Graham – Medium tree finch 

Pam Moore – Floreana giant tortoise 

Penelope Eve – Floreana mockingbird 

Raechel and Liam Hope – Floreana giant tortoise 

Rebecca Nesbit and Philip Gould – Galapagos racer snake 

Stephen and Judy Cockburn – Floreana giant tortoise 

Toni Darton – Galapagos petrel 

Varshika Manji – Floreana giant tortoise 

Vivienne S. Lewis – Floreana giant tortoise 

Latin Routes – Medium tree finch 

Metropolitan Touring 

Setours – Floreana giant tortoise and Galapagos petrel  

Think Galapagos – Floreana mockingbird 

Wanderlust Magazine 

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