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27.07.2022 – Cheeky waved albatross wins 2022 Galapagos Photography Competition (PDF)

22.07.2022 – Ecuador presents award to Sir David Attenborough (PDF)

25.04.2022 – Scientists use ultra-light aircraft to tag and track whale sharks off the southern Galapagos Islands for the first time (PDF)

31.03.2022 – Broadcaster Liz Bonnin to judge 2022 Galapagos Photography Competition (PDF)


01.11.21 – Expanded Galapagos marine protection (PDF)

28.10.21 – GCT COP26 briefing – rebalancing the scales of the Galapagos Marine Reserve (PDF)

08.07.21 – Nazca boobies win 2021 Galapagos Photography Competition (PDF)

28.05.21 – Plastic in Galapagos seawater, beaches and animals (PDF)

29.04.21 – 2021 Cocos-Galapagos Swimway Expedition (PDF)

18.03.21 – New judge announced for 2021 Galapagos Photography Competition (PDF)


28.08.20 – National and international organizations make an urgent call to consolidate the expansion of the Galapagos Marine Reserve (PDF)

23.07.20 – 2020 Galapagos Photography Competition winners (PDF)

09.02.20 – Series two of My Family & The Galapagos (PDF)

08.01.20– Judges and new categories announced for the 2020 Galapagos Photography Competition (PDF)


18.09.19 – GCT’s 2020 cruise is giving eco-conscious travellers the opportunity to explore Galapagos while supporting conservation projects (PDF)

22.08.19 – Galapagos Day 2019 (PDF

12.07.19 – Winners of Galapagos Photography Competition 2019 announced (PDF)


26.10.18 – Is there a baby on board? First ultrasound images from wild whale sharks released (PDF)

30.05.18 – UK-based charity helps lead the way towards a plastic pollution free Galapagos (PDF)

14.03.18 – We want your Galapagos photos! (PDF)


20.07.17 – Global first: wild whale shark ultrasound in Galapagos (PDF)

15.06.17 – Liz Bonnin to host 2017 Galapagos Day (PDF)

30.05.17 – 2018 GCT Supporter Cruise (PDF)

27.03.17 – 2017 Galapagos Photography Competition launch (PDF)

09.03.17 – Songster provides hope for rarest bird in Galapagos (PDF)


15.11.16 – Help prevent the extinction of the Floreana mockingbird in Galapagos (PDF)

12.02.16 – Local schoolchildren help conserve animals of the Galapagos Islands (PDF)


19.10.15 – Adopt a penguin (PDF)

10.04.15 – Award-winning lessons from Galapagos (PDF)

18.03.15 – World’s most important eggs about to hatch in the Galapagos Islands (PDF)

03.02.15 – Monty Halls to help protect Galapagos (PDF)


21.11.14 – Comment on the situation at the Charles Darwin Foundation (PDF)

07.10.14 – Discovering Galapagos (PDF)

24.04.14 – Sea level rise key to Galapagos evolution (PDF)

14.04.14 – Easter eggs in the Galapagos Islands (PDF)

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