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Galapagos land iguana yawning
© Jason Lim
Philornis © Jen Jones
26th Mar 2024
Invasive species Rewilding

How do we solve the problem of invasive species in Galapagos?

Invasive species are one of the biggest threats facing the Galapagos Islands. But just how big of a problem do they pose and what can we do to protect the native species of Galapagos?
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Galapagos giant tortoise amongst vegetation
12th Sep 2023
Island restoration Rewilding

Rewilding Galapagos: Giving nature a helping hand

What does rewilding mean in the context of Galapagos, where 97% of the land is already a protected National Park?
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Little vermilion flycatcher
27th Apr 2022
Events Island restoration

Protecting the Birds of Galapagos webinar 2022

Our webinar focussed on some of the most urgent issues facing Galapagos land birds, and the great steps that have been taken to tackle the threats and restore the biodiversity that we have lost.
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4th Feb 2022
Invasive species Island restoration

Baby little vermilion flycatchers offer hope for the Critically Endangered population

Little vermilion flycatchers, Pyrocephalus nanus, are found throughout most of Galapagos, but the population on Santa Cruz is in serious decline. But baby flycatchers offer hope for the Critically Endangered population.
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15th Dec 2021
Island restoration

Project update: hope for the little vermilion flycatcher on Santa Cruz

Exciting news as the critically endangered population of the little vermilion flycatcher on Santa Cruz island increases for the second year running.
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27th Jul 2020

Galapagos, lockdown and the impacts of COVID-19 - Interview Series Part 2 - Birgit Fessl

We spoke to Birgit Fessl, Coordinator of the Galapagos Land Bird Conservation Plan at the Charles Darwin Foundation, about the challenges of continuing her work under lockdown.
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9th Jul 2020
Invasive species

Most successful breeding season yet for Saving the Little Vermilion Flycatcher project!

Incredibly exciting news came during the COVID-19 lockdown in Galapagos - six little vermilion flycatcher chicks successfully fledged their nests on Santa Cruz as part of our Saving the Little Vermilion Flycatcher project.
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Little vermilion flycatcher female feeding chicks
12th Mar 2020
Invasive species

Saving the Little Vermilion Flycatcher: First fledglings spotted

There have been some very exciting developments within the Little Vermilion Flycatcher Project so far in 2020. In February the first fledglings of the project were spotted!
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11th Dec 2018
Invasive species

The introduced smooth-billed ani

Smooth-billed anis, introduced to the Galapagos Islands in the 1960s, are having a negative impact on a number of the Archipelago's native species.
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3rd Nov 2016
Invasive species

Invasive species research helped by raffle

We were delighted when Sophia Cooke’s father, Bernard Cooke, won our 2016 raffle at Galapagos Day, as there was a lovely story behind it. In our guest blog, Sophia tells us why.
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16th Sep 2015

El Niño 2015: Now and into the future

According to the North American Multi-Model Ensemble forecast, there is over 95% certainty of a “strong” El Niño.
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20th Mar 2014
Botany Invasive species

The giant daisy forests of Galapagos

Scalesia plants account for 15 of the 180 endemic species of flora in Galapagos.
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