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Galapagos land iguana yawning
© Jason Lim
14th Nov 2023
Wildlife facts

Meet the six Galapagos species you can adopt with GCT

One of the ways we encourage people to support the wildlife of Galapagos is through our species adoptions, which help fund several projects across the Archipelago.
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Floreana mockingbird
3rd Oct 2023
Island restoration Rewilding

12 missing species set to return to Floreana

Today is the day when the next phase of the restoration of Floreana island begins, as the project moves into the eradication phase, the largest and most complex eradication ever attempted on an inhabited tropical island.
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11th Oct 2022
Island restoration

How to save a mockingbird

Enzo Reyes explores how his PhD research will help with the future reintroduction of the Floreana mockingbird, one of 12 species that are locally extinct on Floreana.
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19th Feb 2021

Snakes, iguanas and more... Part 2

Euan Moncrieffe was lucky to volunteer with one of our partners, Luis Ortiz-Catedral, on some of his projects in Galapagos in 2019. Here is the second of two blogs that he wrote for us about his experiences working with snakes, iguanas and more.
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29th Jan 2019
Island restoration

Project update: Floreana mockingbird

The aim of the Floreana mockingbird project is to reintroduce the species to Floreana within the next 10 years, so that they can once again thrive on the island which gave them their name.
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15th Nov 2018
Island restoration

Community Drives Restoration of Floreana Island

Find out how Galapagos Conservation Trust, Island Conservation and other partners are working with the Floreana island community to drive their vision of a more sustainable Floreana.
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8th Aug 2018
Invasive species

Invasive Species in Galapagos

An invasive species is any living organism that is not native to an ecosystem. They are found all around the world and are among the leading threats to indigenous wildlife.
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22nd Dec 2016
Island restoration

CEO highlights from recent visit to Galapagos

This month’s staff blog is written by Sharon Johnson, Chief Executive of GCT, detailing her recent trip to the Islands with highlights being trips to Floreana and San Cristobal.
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30th Aug 2016
Island restoration

Conserving the critically endangered Floreana Mockingbird

The Floreana mockingbird (Mimus trifasciatus) is one of four endemic species of mockingbirds in Galapagos, and exists only in Galapagos on Champion Islet and Gardner Islet in incredibly low numbers.
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28th Nov 2013
Island restoration

How the Galapagos mockingbird got its name...

Four species of mockingbird can be found in Galapagos, none of which occur anywhere else on Earth.
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