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Galapagos land iguana yawning
© Jason Lim
14th Nov 2023
Wildlife facts

Meet the six Galapagos species you can adopt with GCT

One of the ways we encourage people to support the wildlife of Galapagos is through our species adoptions, which help fund several projects across the Archipelago.
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18th Jul 2017
Wildlife facts

Symbiotic relationships in Galapagos

Many of the Galapagos Archipelago's most iconic species rely on each other and form symbiotic relationships.
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9th Feb 2017

My Galapagos Experience

This month’s guest blog was kindly written by Jo Clough, who has been a member of GCT for 19 years.
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Galapagos fur seal (easily confused with a Galapagos sea lion)
26th Oct 2015
Wildlife facts

Fur seal or sea lion?

The Galapagos fur seal and the Galapagos sea lion can be difficult to tell apart. We’ve compiled this list of top tips with expert advice from Galapagos sea lion expert, Professor Fritz Trillmich.
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