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Waved albatrosses in Galapagos
© Enzo Reyes

Why your support matters

Galapagos is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth, home to many plants and animals found nowhere else. But it is also particularly vulnerable.

Although 1,000km from mainland Ecuador, plastic is arriving on ocean currents, littering its beaches and affecting its wildlife. Invasive species such as rats and flies, brought to the Islands by humans, are now devastating birds, plants and the famous Galapagos giant tortoises. Overfishing is taking its toll on whale and hammerhead sharks, turtles and other marine species.

I urge you to support Galapagos Conservation Trust, which is working to increase ocean protection, restore biodiversity and build climate resilience across the Islands.

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough in Galapagos
Sir David Attenborough in Galapagos © Miles Barton

The impact we're making

Blue-footed booby's feet, Galapagos Islands

87 p

in every £1 we raise goes directly towards conservation in Galapagos

Scalloped hammerhead sharks in Galapagos

18.9 %

of Ecuadorian waters are now protected

The Galapagos land iguana, an important ecosystem engineer

£ 1.25 m

million raised in 2022 - our best year yet

Galapagos sea lions

30 %

by 2030 - our goal for ocean protection

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