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Yellow warbler

Yellow warbler in Galapagos
© Stephanie Foote

Common name:

Yellow warbler

Scientific name:

Setophaga petechia aureola

Spanish name:

Canario María / Reinita amarilla

Conservation status:

Least Concern


Average lifespan:

10 years

Average size:

12 centimetres

Average weight:

8 grams


The yellow warbler in the Galapagos Islands is considered a sub-species of Setophaga petechia, along with a population found on Cocos island, Costa Rica. It is thought to have colonised the Archipelago less than 300,000 years ago, making it a relative newcomer.  

As suggested by the name, these birds are bright yellow. Males have a red cap during the breeding season and red streaks on their chests. Females either have pale or no streaks. Juveniles are generally duller in colour.  

Yellow warblers in Galapagos

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