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Galapagos petrel

Galapagos petrel
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Common name:

Galapagos petrel

Scientific name:

Pterodroma phaeopygia

Spanish name:

Petrel de Galápagos

Conservation status:

Critically Endangered


Average size:

43 centimetres length, 91 centimetres wingspan


Galapagos petrels are seabirds endemic to the Galapagos Islands, though they can be found foraging as far away as western Central America and northern South America, feeding mostly on squid, fish and crustaceans. They spend most of their time out at sea, but during the breeding season, which starts in late April, they can be found in the humid highlands of several islands. 

Galapagos petrels look very similar to Hawaiian petrels, especially when seen at sea. They are medium-sized with long wings, grey-black underparts and white foreheads. Their legs and feet are pink with black webbing. They have short, hooked bills, with tubular nostrils that meet at the top – a feature of all petrel species. Their tails are wedge-shaped and white in colour.

Galapagos petrels in Galapagos

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