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Galapagos land snail

Bulimulid snail
© Christine Parent

Common name:

Galapagos land snail

Scientific name:

Bulimulus spp.

Spanish name:

Caracol terrestre de Galápagos

Conservation status:



Maximum size:

2.5 centimetres


Often going unnoticed due to their small size, this elusive group of tropical air-breathing land snails belong to the sub-family Bulimulinae and are endemic to the Galapagos Islands. The diversification of Galapagos’ land snails are the result of a combination of factors, both geographic and ecological. Observations on the northern slope of Santa Cruz have shown that different species inhabit different altitudinal ‘zones’ dependent on vegetation, substrate and climate. 

All have conical shells, the length and colour of which differ between species.

Land snails in Galapagos

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