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Galapagos barn owl

Galapagos barn owl family
© Ian Henderson

Common name:

Galapagos barn owl

Scientific name:

Tyto alba punctatissima

Spanish name:

Lechuza común

Conservation status:

Least Concern


Average size:

26 centimetres (Length) / 68 centimetres (Wingspan)

Average weight:

260 grams


The Galapagos barn owl is one of two resident and endemic owl species in Galapagos, the other being the short-eared owl. Unlike the latter, the Galapagos barn owl is completely nocturnal, hunting primarily for rats, mice and insects at night only. As opportunistic feeders, however, they have been known to predate upon small birds and reptiles. Their nocturnal nature makes them an elusive species, rarely seen by locals or visitors. 

Like many Galapagos endemics, they are smaller in size than their mainland counterparts. Furthermore, their colouration is darker than their continental relatives, with a rusty brown back and pale/cinnamon coloured underparts speckled with light and dark spots.

Barn owls in Galapagos

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