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Adopt a Blue-Footed Booby


UK shipping: £3

International shipping: £15

By adopting a blue-footed booby today, you can learn about this colourful and charismatic animal whilst protecting them and other Galapagos species. We are currently working with partners to determine the risks of marine plastic pollution to seabirds, including blue-footed boobies, as part of our Plastic Pollution Free Galapagos programme.

Postal adoption pack includes: A fact file and a personalised certificate printed on 100% recycled paper, a welcome letter, postcard, plus a soft toy.

Digital adoption pack includes: A fact file and a certificate which are available to download via your email confirmation once purchased. (Please note, we do not send digital adoptions directly to the recipient. This is so you can control how and when you gift the adoption.)

If we have the permission, the recipient will also receive species-specific adoption emails and email updates via our monthly e-Newsletter about our conservation work in Galapagos.

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