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Godfrey Merlen in Galapagos
30/05/2023 History of Galapagos News

Remembering Godfrey Merlen

In May 2023, the Galapagos conservation community lost a hero: Godfrey Merlen.

Jen Jones


Living in Galapagos since the 1970s (arriving around the time Lonesome George was found on Pinta island), Godfrey achieved an amazing legacy in conservation impact. From pushing for greater invasive species control on planes and boats to campaigning for an end to whaling and wildlife trafficking, he drove so much change for the benefit of the Islands, often pioneering new approaches to conservation that hadn’t even crossed the minds of others.

GCT is honoured to have had Godfrey as an Ambassador since we began in the 1990s and all who worked with him were inspired deeply by his love for nature and his wisdom of conservation. He had many friends and colleagues all over the world who will miss him dearly.

Godfrey was a true voice for nature – we must continue to deliver his vision for a Galapagos where humans and nature thrive in harmony.

Godfrey Merlen

Do not expect anything. Just go with an open mind and unexpected surprises will greet you wherever you look. But remember to look and don’t hurry by… Live the journey, for the destination may not be the expected one! It is always worth keeping in touch with Galapagos…

Godfrey Merlen

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