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Galapagos land iguana yawning
© Jason Lim
American flamingo in Galapagos
15th Nov 2023
Wildlife facts

5 of the most colourful birds in Galapagos

Visitors to Galapagos are sometimes surprised to discover the relative lack of colourful bird plumage on display, given the Islands’ location on the Equator.
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5th Jan 2017
Ocean protection

2016 - a Galapagos year in review

Read on for some of the highlights from Galapagos in 2016. We hope to increase and improve GCTs positive impacts and successful conservation projects during 2017.
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25th Jan 2016
Invasive species

Red-footed Booby Population Increase

The population of red-footed boobies which inhabit the east side of San Cristobal island, at the visitor site Punta Pitt, has shown a remarkable recovery.
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