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Cruise with Galapagos Conservation Trust

If you’re planning a trip of a lifetime to Galapagos, then look no further. We are currently planning our next cruise but you can see what the 2022 cruise entailed below!

In June 2022, we ran a unique Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) cruise, offering the perfect way to see the Archipelago in a comfortable, intimate and informative manner, with a group of only 15 paying passengers. 

Cruise through the Islands while watching dolphins, snorkelling with sea lions and spotting extravagant, colourful seabirds. Enjoy the volcanic scenery and marvel at the colour of the aquamarine sea.  

Accompanied by a GCT staff member throughout the trip, you will have exclusive opportunities to visit projects funded and delivered by GCT. You will also meet passionate conservationists working on the Islands. What’s more, you can travel in the knowledge that your trip will be directly supporting conservation projects in the Archipelago (something we think is important for anyone travelling to Galapagos). 


Watch giant tortoises in the wild and meet the scientists working to protect them. 

Swim and snorkel with beautiful reef fish, turtles, rays and endangered Galapagos penguins. 

Breathtaking encounters with pink flamingos, blue-footed boobies, waved albatross, pelicans, sea lions, finches, terns and more. 

Visit a world leading restoration project on Floreana island. You will meet scientists working to restore the island and reintroduce locally extinct species, and of course call in at Floreana’s famous Post Office Bay. 

Be thoroughly spoilt, with delicious food and attentive staff on board  Beluga, a ‘Superior First Class’ motor yacht owned by Enchanted Expeditions, a respected Galapagos company. 

Meet with conservationists working to protect Galapagos marine life, including endangered sharks, giant tortoises and more!

Explore the historical city of Quito. 

Ultimate Galapagos Conservation Cruise 

18 days, 17 nights 

14 June – 1 July 2022 

A unique opportunity to cruise the whole Archipelago with GCT. 

After arriving at San Jose airport in Quito, you will fly to Galapagos where you board the beautiful motor yacht Beluga on Santa Cruz island to start your fabulous exploration of GalapagosYour first week will focus on the central and eastern islandswith highlights of your week including visits to the islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Española, Genovesa (also known as Tower) and Floreana where you will visit one of the world’s most important island restoration projects. You will be accompanied this week by Kelly Hague, GCT’s Senior Philanthropy Manager. 

During the second week of your cruise you will travel around the central and western islandsvisiting the stunning island of Isabelaas well as Fernandina, North Seymour and Santiago. GCT’s CEO Sharon Johnson will join you for this week, sharing her in-depth knowledge of Galapagos. 

At the end of your cruise you will fly back to Quito where you will have a day and a half to explore the historical city before your magical trip ends.   

Your cruise in 2022 will include an exclusive programme of exciting project visits, not ordinarily available to visitors. You will have the opportunity to meet with passionate scientists working in the Archipelago, giving you a fascinating insight into GCT and Galapagos conservation activities. Exact details of visits and talks will be confirmed nearer the time. 

Bookings and more information 

We are delighted to have partnered with ATOL registered Wild Tracks – Ice Tracks Expeditions who will handle all bookings and provide financial protection. They are Galapagos experts and will happily chat to you in detail about the cruise and the special sights you will see. 

COVID-19 considerations: Strict safety protocols are being followed on board Beluga. In addition, our tour around Quito will come at the end of your cruise as this will ensure that the group forms a small ‘bubble’ and will also help keep boat staff safe. You will also be asked to organise all trip extensions after your cruise, rather than beforehand. If you wish to see full details of safety measures or have any other queries relating to COVID-19, please do ask Wild Tracks – Ice Tracks Expeditions.    

Pricing and detailed itineraries 

Ultimate Galapagos Conservation Cruise: £10,790 per person sharing a cabin 

If you are unable to join us for the 18 days, please contact Wild Tracks and they will do their best to give you a shorter option, available at £5,845 per person sharing a cabin.

Detailed itinerary here.

For further information and to make a booking please contact Angie Butler at: 

Wild Tracks – Ice Tracks 

Tel: +44 (0) 1295 236354 or 44 (0) 7831 847129

Email: info@ice-tracks.com 

Website:  ice-tracks.com

Or if you would like to talk to someone at GCT, please contact Kelly Hague:  

Tel: 020 7399 7440 (UK) / +44 20 7399 7440 (outside the UK) 

Email: kelly@gct.org 

We would like to thank Ice Tracks/Wild Tracks and the owners of Beluga in advance, who are generously supporting our efforts to raise money for conservation through this cruise. 

“We have had the good fortune to join two Galapagos cruises organised by the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT). They were both very special experiences. Quite apart from the satisfaction of knowing that we were supporting the work of the GCT, the cruises themselves were exceptional with respect to the like-minded fellow passengers, the superb guides and the itinerary. The opportunity to meet individuals active in conservation and research added an extra dimension. If you plan to visit Galapagos, this is the way.”

Gordon & Marilyn Plant, Galapagos Conservation Trust members

“The trip of course was stupendous in every way – and exceeded every possible expectation”

Tim Clarke, 2018 Galapagos Conservation Trust cruise

“For me, our excursion on Floreana was one of the highlights of our Galapagos trip.  It was so encouraging to see the work being done by various charities, hand in hand with the island community,  to improve the habitat so as to allow the re-introduction of several species – the Floreana Mockingbird and Floreana Giant Tortoise amongst others.  The budget for the project to safely remove all rats, feral cats etc  is many millions of dollars – and it is easy to understand how this will be swallowed up when you hear from the scientists and see at first hand the enormity of their task.  Sincere thanks to Ice-Tracks / Wild Tracks for organising this exclusive guided tour with  representatives from Island Conservation and the Durrell Foundation” 

Robin Willis, 2019 cruise to Galapagos with Wild Tracks which visited the GCT funded Floreana Restoration Programme. This project will be visited on the cruise.