Adopt a Galapagos Animal

Galapagos species adoption

By purchasing a Galapagos species adoption you are helping to protect the unique, but threatened wildlife of the Islands and their habitats. Your support could help GCT to fund crucial projects that monitor and research individual species and their habitats, helping us inform conservation management decisions to protect threatened animals and the fragile ecosystems on which they depend. Furthermore, by adopting a Galapagos species, you are joining a like minded community of people committed to protecting the Enchanted Isles and its wildlife. 

Our adoption packs come with a personalised certificate, a collectable fact file and a fun soft toy. You can also purchase a digital adoption, which includes the same certificates and fact files but in a downloadable format. With both types of species adoption you will also receive email updates about the conservation work that we are doing to help protect these endangered and charismatic species. A species adoption is a great gift for friends, family and even yourself! Scroll down to see our available species below. 

Galapagos sea lion

Seal lion

Galapagos giant tortoise

Giant tortoise

Galapagos penguin

Galapgos Penguin

Hammerhead shark

Hammerhead shark - species adoption

Floreana mockingbird

Floreana mockingbird - species adoption

What’s Included?

Digital Adoption Packs

  • Personalisable digital certificate
  • Digital species fact file
  • Email updates 
  • Available worldwide

Postal Adoption Packs

  • Printed personalised certificate
  • Collectible species fact file
  • Soft toy or mockingbird pin
  • Email updates