Christmas is nearly upon us – get a head start on your Christmas shopping by purchasing ethical, plastic-free, charity gifts from our online store!

Shopping small with GCT is a great way to support conservation projects across the Galapagos Islands. 

Check out our top charity gifts for bird lovers this Christmas.

Little vermilion flycatcher Christmas cards – only £5 each or 2 packs for £9. 

Floreana mockingbird collection – from £15

Floreana mockingbird pin badge – £3 or as part of our Floreana mockingbird adoption.

Penguin adoption – £35

Birds of Galapagos poster – £25

The Galapagos; a natural history – £10

Blue-footed booby collection – from £15

Little vermilion flycatcher collection – from £15

Gift Membership to Galapagos Conservation Trust – £36


Shop now and support Galapagos Conservation Trust this Christmas.