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11/08/2022 COVID-19 Education and outreach Sustainable development

Co-Galapagos: helping Galapagos back to its feet after COVID-19

Support Co-Galapagos, an initiative giving power to local communities to build a sustainable future for Galapagos.

Tom O'Hara

Communications Manager

Co-Galapagos is empowering people to tackle social justice and conservation issues in meaningful ways whilst providing new leadership and educating communities about the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Galapagos.

Listen to Jen Jones, GCT’s Head of Programmes, explain more:

The pandemic hit Galapagos hard. Community-led conservation projects are key to the Islands’ recovery after so many livelihoods were destroyed by the collapse in tourism. Can you help bring some Galapaguenian visions for a sustainable future to life?

Co-Galapagos currently has four projects designed and led by the local community across the Galapagos Islands seeking support.

RecyKlaas: Local glass upcycling

Moisés is passionate about tackling the pollution caused by glass waste in Galapagos, which is currently discarded by various businesses rather than recycled, with the waste accumulating in populated areas of the island. His project seeks to make Galapagos the first place in the world to solely use glasses made from the recycling of glass bottles from local businesses – championing ideas for a circular economy in the Archipelago.

Target: $3,630

Youth Leadership for Sustainable Development

Sebastian is passionate about community development on his islands and wants to help more young people like him take action to address the problems that occur in Galapagos and promote sustainability across the Archipelago. Through his project he will lead and organise a programme of peer-peer training for 30 local teenagers between the ages of 15-17, providing young people with leadership skills to help them shape the sustainable and equitable future of the Archipelago.

Target: $3,630

“I strongly believe in the potential that we, as young people, have. It is important for us to clearly understand what the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs are, and how, by generating small actions, we can guarantee sustainability in the Islands”.

Photography as a Tool for the SDGs

Diego is a professional photographer and expert in environmental and cultural communication in Galapagos. He has noticed a lack of connection with the environment and sustainable resource use in lifestyles across the Archipelago. Photography is an important tool for exploring social and environmental justice issues through a creative lens. Diego has inspired many young people on the islands creating a sense of community and pride. Through this project, Diego will provide 10 workshops for young people to teach them how to communicate Sustainable Development Goals through photography including a photographic exhibition and publication at the end.

Target: $2,200

Intership: Developing a Community Education Network

If you have ever visited Galapagos, you will have noticed that the internet is very slow! This makes educational resources between the islands difficult to access. Development of an intranet will enable schools across all four inhabited islands to share education resources offline, helping to improve education in the Galapagos. Daniel Proaño will support a series of interns over the development of the intranet. Daniel has a wealth of experience in facilitating dialogue on socio-environmental conflicts, with a focus on development and participatory governance, making him an excellent mentor and guide for developing this essential education tool.

Target: $1,100

With your support on these projects, Galapagos could set an example for community-led conservation that can be replicated in island nations and territories across the world.


Co-Galapagos empowers local communities to take their ideas for conservation and sustainable development forward, working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Galapagos.

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