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Project partners

Shark research in Galapagos using a drone
© Diana Pazmiño

It’s in our DNA to work collaboratively, from grassroots to government. We deliver programmes that fill gaps in scientific and socieconomic knowledge, fund local scientists, NGOs and community groups, and partner with Ecuadorian authorities. We advocate for change to protect the wildlife of Galapagos, whilst amplifying the local voices of Galapagos across the UK and beyond.

A key partner in nearly every project that we are involved with is the Galapagos National Park Directorate (GNPD). The GNPD are the custodians of the 97% of the Archipelago’s land area that lies within the National Park, and we support them on everything from species recovery plans to plastic pollution mitigation strategies.

GCT drone workshop with the GNPD coastal clean-up team
GCT drone workshop with the GNPD coastal clean-up team © Andy Donnelly/GCT
Releasing land iguanas on Santiago island
Releasing land iguanas on Santiago island © Galapagos National Park

We also partner with other NGOs, both local organisations and those working internationally, and we have strong links with a number of universities around the world. We fund individual researchers and support many scientists just starting out in their career, including a number of Galapagueños and Galapagueñas, since building capacity locally is a key part of our long-term strategy.

The breadth in the range of our partners reflects the fact that we are working at a local, national and regional scale. We have strong ties with both the local authorities in Galapagos and the Ecuadorian national government, and we also work with the UK government. Together with the University of Exeter, we coordinate the Pacific Plastics: Science to Solutions network, which brings together scientists, NGOs and businesses working across the Eastern Tropical Pacific to reduce plastic pollution.

The PPSS network in Lima
The PPSS network in Lima © Jess Howard

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Our projects are helping to restore degraded island habitats, conserve threatened species and protect the oceans around Galapagos.

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