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Can We Eat Upside Down (Repas tête en bas)
© Rémi Carbonaro

As the UK constituent and second largest of the FOGOs, we work cooperatively with many of these organisations in fundraising, communications and project development. 

Other FOGOs include: 

Galapagos Conservancy (USA) 

Galapagos Conservancy Canada (Canada) 

Freunde der Galapagos Inseln (Switzerland) 

Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt (Germany) 

Stichting Vrienden van de Galapagos Eilanden (The Netherlands) 

Nordic Friends of Galapagos (Finland) 

Galapagos Darwin Trust (Luxembourg) 

The Japanese Association for Galapagos (Japan) 

Friends of Galapagos (New Zealand) 

Our work

Find out how our projects are helping to restore degraded island habitats, conserve threatened species and protect the oceans around Galapagos.

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