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Charles Darwin
08/03/2024 Education and outreach

A journey through time for British Science Week 2024

This year marks the 30th anniversary of British Science Week. To mark this special anniversary, the theme for 2024 is Time.

Sarah Langford

Education Writer

In conversations with teachers at a conference recently, I was reminded how time, or to be more precise, the lack of it, is a constant challenge in the teaching profession and how we would all like more of it to be able to research and provide enriched curriculum opportunities for our students.

One school I connected with was about to start a whole school project on Charles Darwin  – a project with so many exciting opportunities to connect across the curriculum. Our conversation led us to discuss how science and research techniques have changed and developed since the time of Darwin and how I could support these teachers by sharing some of our resources. This would allow them to reallocate time normally spent researching to other vital areas.

Charles Darwin - On the Origin of Species
Charles Darwin On The Origin Of Species © Fernando Venzano

This year marks the 30th anniversary of British Science Week, where schools and communities join together to celebrate science, technology, engineering and maths.

Join us and take your classroom on a journey back in time on board the Beagle. Explore how Darwin, as the naturalist on board, preserved plant and animal species during the voyage across stormy seas under the hot tropical sun. How did he preserve a giant centipede, a rice rat, or even a land iguana? Would he pickle, press or pin it? Follow the activity here to find out!

What would Darwin’s kit list look like? Without the wonders of modern technology and internet searches, reference and taxidermy books were all he had to identify and preserve unknown species. What would his kit be used for? Explore here.


The Galapagos land iguana, an important ecosystem engineer
Land iguana © Enzo Reyes

Moving forwards in time by nearly 200 years, cutting edge technology has enabled scientists to explore our natural world on a scale Darwin could only have dreamed about.  Immerse yourselves in a ‘time lapse tour’ on board a modern research vessel, discover the world of deep hydrothermal vents and their mysterious inhabitants, and discover how we are tracking ocean giants.

We hope you enjoy your journey through time with us.

Find more resources on our Discovering Galapagos teacher zone.

Sofia Green tagging a whale shark while free-diving
Sofia Green tagging a whale shark © Galapagos Whale Shark Project
Discovering Galapagos educational game

Discovering Galapagos Teacher Zone

The Discovering Galapagos Teacher Zone is a collection of free UK curriculum-linked resources developed by Galapagos Conservation Trust to help bring Galapagos to life in the classroom!

Learn more

The power of environmental education

Learn all about the education and outreach projects we support in Galapagos.

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