From the Chief Executive: You can Hope!

On his first trip to Ecuador and Galapagos as new CEO of Galapagos Conservation Trust, Ian Dunn will be writing regular updates on this blog, starting with his time in Quito attending the General Assembly of the Charles Darwin Foundation…

Some great meetings on day 2 of my trip.

Take a look at the work of Conservacion & Desarrollo at I met with Jose and his team, our partners in the Community Tourism Development Model for Floreana Island. With a holistic, community-wide programme based on developing a thorough understanding of the issues, combined with the application of practical, logical and resilient solutions, real changes for the better have taken place. This is a project well worth getting behind to support as we aim to move into the next phase. Take a look at to read more and see how you can support.

As part of the lead in to the General Assembly, the leadership team of the Charles Darwin Foundation treated us to an evening of excellent presentations on both the challenges faced, and successes achieved, by the scientific community on the Islands. The challenges are unquestionably huge, and growing.

However, it is noteworthy that Ecuador is the only country that has the ‘Rights of Nature’ enshrined in its Constitution. Objective 4 of the National ‘Plan for Living Well’ requires conservation and sustainable management of the natural heritage and of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, stating that these are to be treated as a strategic sector. This provides a superb foundation for the conservation work we all support.

So, why the title of this blog today ? Well, on the baggage front and notwithstanding the support of many, I had no option but to return to Quito airport and await the next flight from Madrid. My bag was not there of course but I met a charming lady from Iberia baggage handling and on asking what I was to do next she replied, with a wonderful smile…

“You can hope.”

After today’s meetings, I have no doubt we can do much more than that.

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