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06/03/2019 Education and outreach

What Kelsale Primary School learned about Galapagos

The children at Kelsale Primary School shared some fantastic letters and pictures with us after our recent visit...

Photograph of Clare Simm

Clare Simm

Former Communications Manager at Galapagos Conservation Trust

GCT’s Andy Donnelly visited Years 5 and 6 at Kelsale Primary School last year to give a talk about the work that we are doing in Galapagos to tackle threats like marine plastic pollution and invasive species. The children then wrote letters and drew pictures for Andy sharing what they had learned. We enjoyed reading and looking at them so much, we just had to share them with our supporters!

Here are some of the highlights (click on each to see a larger image):


Why not learn about Galapagos with your school? Visit our Discovering Galapagos website to find fun activities and lesson plans!

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