UPDATE: Cargo Ship Floreana

A press release issued by the Galapagos National Park (GNP) late on Friday stated that efforts to reduce any environmental damage from the grounding of the cargo ship Floreana had intensified.

Rangers from the Navy were keeping a constant watch on the site around the stranded vessel, especially on the booms surrounding the ship which help to contain any contaminants that may have spilled overboard. A report to the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) confirmed that some contaminants had leaked into the water as a result of the engine room flooding, but GNP rangers were working hard to keep this contamination contained.

The GNP stated that “rangers collected around 70 meters of absorbent sausage and five bales of cloth which were taken to the waste management centre of Canton, for disposal. Additionally, next to the University San Francisco de Quito, GNP technicians took 10 samples of water which are being transferred to mainland Ecuador for analysis in accredited laboratories”.

In addition, the GNP have prepared an environmental monitoring plan which they will present to the EOC for implementation. The plan includes marine and coastal monitoring on a long-term basis to assess any changes to the local ecosystem.

We will update you on any further news.

by Pete Haskell