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Green turtle entangled in plastic

Stop Plastic Killing Wildlife

We're calling on world leaders to agree an ambitious, legally-binding Global Plastics Treaty that ends the scourge of plastic pollution and protects vulnerable wildlife. Will you join us?

Will you add your name?

At least 52 different species in Galapagos, both on land and in the sea, have been found to be entangled in plastic, living in affected habitats or having ingested plastic after mistaking it for food. This includes iconic species like Galapagos giant tortoises, sea lions and the waved albatross.

We need a strong and legally-binding Global Plastics Treaty that bans single-use plastics, cracks down on fishing vessels dumping waste at sea and makes polluting companies pay to clean up their mess.

Add your name now and stand up for vulnerable wildlife in Galapagos and across the world.


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