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Adopt Tessa the Giant Tortoise


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Our educational storybook Tessa the Giant Tortoise: A Galapagos Journey follows our adventurer on her migration to and from the highlands of Santa Cruz island, as she faces perils such as busy roads and non-native species. The iconic Galapagos giant tortoises are a vital part of the Islands. They spread seeds and help to shape the landscape, allowing other species to thrive. However, they are under threat from habitat destruction, pollution and invasive species such as pigs which eat their eggs. The book is bilingual with an English version starting from the front and a Spanish version starting at the back, which will also help children learn a new language. The book is great for all ages but is specifically aimed at 5-8 years old (key stage 1).

Postal adoption pack includes: Tessa the Giant Tortoise: A Galapagos Journey storybook, leaflet, A3 poster, personalised certificate, postcard, stickers, activities and a bookmark (all printed on 100% recycled paper).

Digital adoption pack includes: Digital versions of Tessa the Giant Tortoise: A Galapagos Journey storybook, leaflet, activities, personalised certificate, postcard and a bookmark, which are available to download via your email confirmation once purchased. (Please note, we do not send digital adoptions directly to the recipient. This is so you can control how and when you gift the adoption.)

If we have the permission, the recipient will also receive Tessa adoption emails and email updates via our monthly e-Newsletter about our conservation work in Galapagos.

Includes one sticker sheet per character for each student (35 stickers x 4 characters) and 35 bookmarks

None 1 x giant tortoise cuddly toy +£10.00

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