From the Chief Executive: Quito

On his first trip to Ecuador and Galapagos as new CEO of Galapagos Conservation Trust, Ian Dunn will be writing updates on this blog, starting with his time in Quito attending the General Assembly of the Charles Darwin Foundation…and finding innovative ways to dry shirts in a hotel room.

2800 metres above sea level, surrounded by mountains, thunder clouds rolling over the city and torrential rain in inky darkness meant an aborted landing at Quito and a five hour journey back from the coastal town of Guayaquil. A late finish to a very long day, and it soon became clear my bags had not made the journey with me!

Drawing the curtain in the morning with the hotel in the clouds and hummingbirds feeding outside my window made up for the lack of sleep and prepared me for a day of meetings. Continuous heavy rain and local flooding caused the already chaotic traffic to grind to a halt – meaning I was late for each one of them. As everyone else was, no-one seemed to worry.

First impressions; very friendly people amazingly tolerant of my corrupted Spanish, driving you might imagine, plenty of economic activity and claps of thunder you feel in the very core of your being.

Iberia impossible to contact – still no bag at the end of the day. Washing clothes in the hand basin!

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