Responsible plastic usage on San Cristobal


Project Background

‘Marcha atrás … por un mar sin plástico’ campaña

‘Going back to a plastics free ocean’ campaign

with Grupo Eco Cultural Organizado (GECO)

In response to the need for action, GECO aimed to promote a culture of responsible plastic use across the island of San Cristobal. They worked to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in local shopping purchases by 50%, decrease rubbish on streets and around schools by 25% and better inform local leaders on improved collection, composting and recycling processes.

To help promote and sustain the campaign, GECO organised a young group of students as ‘Agents of Change’ who are successfully empowering local communities to act. Through education and art activities, they have designed wooden signs to be placed in strategic places throughout the community, promoted reusable bags in key tourist accommodation areas and designed handicrafts to drive the plastic pledge promise across the island.

GECO © Jose Guerrero

Educating and empowering young people is key to the GECO campaign © Jose Guerrero

Empowering children and students to determine change in the community is an integral part of the campaign.

Project Achievements in 2017

  • Major advances in plastics awareness and avoidance have been achieved across San Cristobal, reaching 2,000 people directly with the project message and 5,000 indirectly. 
  • The team of seven professionals and 15 youth leaders have worked over 711 hours on the campaign, which has now encouraged the creation of a similar initiative by a group of local guides on San Cristobal.
  • More than 269 students and their teachers are committed to sharing the campaign message using their bottlecap dolls.
  • 5,000 pieces of trash have been prevented from reaching the ocean.

This work was kindly supported by Sculpt the Future Foundation

How you can help

Please help us to continue this work by donating to our Plastic Pollution Free Galapagos programme and sharing your tips for reducing plastic use on social media using the hashtags #InspiringConservation or #PlasticPollution – don’t forget to tag us! You could also help us with by becoming a GCT member or Galapagos Guardian

Why not make your very own Galapagos-style bottlecap doll? Download our PDF (1MB) to find out how and share your creations using the hashtag #bottlecapdoll!