Photographing Galapagos: Flamingos

Earlier in the year, wildlife photographer and artist Robert E Fuller visited the Galapagos Islands to get inspiration for a series of new paintings. We will be putting up a selection of Robert’s blogs over the next couple of weeks which will focus on his time spent in Galapagos and on his fantastic photographs and paintings.

“Flamingos are rare in the Galapagos Islands, so when I came across some greater flamingos feeding in a brackish lagoon I felt very privileged. I spent some time trying to get a shot of an individual feeding when all of a sudden these two males challenged one another.”

“It was fascinating to watch as each tried to get its head higher than the other. Then after a flurry of pink it was all over. But not before I managed to capture the magical moment when their necks joined to make a perfect heart shape.”