Painting Galapagos: Frigatebirds and Boobies

Earlier in the year, wildlife photographer and artist Robert E Fuller visited the Galapagos Islands to get inspiration for a series of new paintings. We will be putting up a selection of Robert’s blogs over the next couple of weeks which will focus on his time spent in Galapagos and on the fantastic paintings that he has created upon his return.

Robert often uses video footage that he has taken when observing animals to help inform his paintings when he’s back in the studio. Here are a couple of examples of videos and the paintings they inspired from his Galapagos trip…

Magnificent Frigatebird

“These are magnificent frigatebirds. During the breeding season the males puff out their throats a bit like toads to create incredible displays. I wanted to capture the intimacy of this ritual in my painting.”



Blue-footed Booby

“The video of a pair courting is interesting because of the listless way in which the male offers the female a stick. It’s almost as though they can’t really be bothered! I wanted to capture this indifference alongside the comical element of these birds in the mood of my painting.”




To watch a video of Robert’s whole trip, click here.