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Storytelling is a fantastic way to engage people of all ages in science and conservation and can inspire them to be more environmentally conscious. That’s why we are launching a free six-part guided reading session for teachers, parents and carers based on Marti the Hammerhead Shark: A Galapagos Journey. Our Education Officer, Sarah, who is also an experienced teacher, has developed this fantastic set of reading materials. The downloadable pack will give you all the resources you need to teach, inspire and discuss Marti’s story with children. Guided reading forms an important part of Literacy teaching and learning in schools, and with these comprehensive resources, it can be replicated easily at home. Together you can learn about the animals that call the waters around Galapagos home as well as the conservation threats that these species face. You don’t need any previous knowledge to help your child as you will be able to learn along with them through these fun and engaging sessions. Here are a few tips on what guided reading sessions are and who these resources are aimed at:

  • The sessions are aimed at parents, carers and teachers. The book is designed for readers aged between 7-11 years with some guidance where necessary.
  • There are six sessions with resource materials provided. You could do one session a day, one session a week or at any pace that suits you and your child.
  • There is no time limit on completing the sessions. We would recommend you give yourself 15 minutes to prepare beforehand by reading the notes provided and then 45 minutes to an hour to complete the activities with your child.
  • You can buy a paper copy of the book on our shop here, or it is available in a digital format to download below. There is also a separate presentation of the book being read aloud by our Education Officer, Sarah.
  • Each session pack contains session notes for you to follow. These highlight the session focus, key vocabulary and also new species found on each page. Each session is split into a pre-read/warm-up, guided/independent read of some of the book and a post-read review, with a few fun extras including games and drawing sheets!
  • We would love for you and your child to complete a short 3-minute questionnaire before you start, and once you’ve finished all the guided reading sessions. If you have any drawings of pictures that you would like to share with us, please email them to us with any feedback, ideas, questions that you may have to projects@gct.org. Your feedback is important to us so please send any reviews, ideas or questions to projects@gct.org.
  • We also have a pack in Spanish for use in Galapagos, Ecuador and South America. Or you can use this as a fun way to practice Spanish! Click here to find it in Spanish.
  • If you like these resources, why not try our Exploring Ocean Plastics sessions too?

We hope you enjoy this resource. If you’d like to purchase a paper copy of the book, please head to our shop.

Background Information:

  1. Overview of the sessions (149 KB)
  2. Background to the story of Marti (161 KB)
  3. A guide to guided reading with Marti (221 KB)

Session 1:  Introducing the story

  1. A downloadable version of the Marti the hammerhead shark story (15.8 MB)
  2. Powerpoint of the story being read by Sarah Langford (36.5 MB)
  3. Guided reading session 1 notes (262 KB)
  4. Spot the species ID guide (418 KB)
  5. Map of the Galapagos Archipelago (273 KB)
  6. How to draw the characters (3.7 MB)
  7. How to draw marti video link
  8. Bookmark to print (968 KB)

Session 2: Exploring the main character

  1. Guided reading session 2 notes (238 KB)
  2. Feelings words for tracking the journey (91 KB)
  3. Images of hammerhead shark pups (137 KB)

Session 3 – Understanding Marti’s migration

  1. Guided reading session 3 notes (248 KB)

Session 4 – The biggest fish in the world

  1. Guided reading session 4 notes (270 KB)

Session 5 – Meet the marine travellers

  1. Guided reading session 5 notes (229 KB)
  2. Migration hazard gameboard (426 KB)
  3. Migration hazard fact cards (120 KB)

Session 6 – Cocos awaits

  1. Guided reading session 6 notes (241 KB)
  2. Character profiles session 6 (171 KB)
  3. Migration masters quiz (241 KB)