Daniel Gaydon

Dan dreamt of visiting the Galapagos and during his 2005 South America trip he got the chance. He was a keen photographer and took some amazing shots of the wildlife. One of the highlights of his trip was being waist deep in the sea when a small reef shark swam around him. He loved his experience in the Galapagos and had wanted to return as a qualified divemaster. He had been a member of GCT ever since his visit.


Amount raised so far: £2,397.37


Money raised from the 2010 Tiggy and Dan memorial football match in Minehead 
David Gaydon

Tiggy Taylor & Dan’s memorial football match 2009 at Minehead Football Club
David Gaydon

Dave Gaydon’s 60th birthday party donations
David Gaydon

Sponsorship of Elaine’s half marathon!
Sue Munslow

In memory of Dan and in support of Elaine’s Half Marathon efforts.
Rita & Alan Elliott

Congrats on your 1st Half Marathon Elaine. Woody, Hayley and Jake x
Ian Woodward

Given in your memory, Dan, in support of Elaine’s half marathon.
Laura, Stuart, Isabella & Amelia xXx
Laura Weaver

Glad you got to see out your dream Dan RIP x
Robbie Allen

Elaine – have fun on run to the beat xx
Cath James

I wish I had the chance to get to know Dan better. Dawn x
Dawn Kelvey

Dan, thinking of you always. Elaine, good luck with the run. Love Richard & David
Richard Robson

Missing you loads x
Katherine Hobbs

Sponsorship for Elaine’s half marathon efforts – Run with the Beat! Good luck Elaine!! Love Kathy and Stu xx
Kathy Ashford

Elaine, good luck with run to the beat, sponsor money in memory of Dan, Rach x
Rachel Cutler

Adrian Horner

Margaret Fortune

Dan, in memory of you on your Dad’s birthday, he wouldn’t accept a present, so money given in your memory xx
Rachel & Steve Cutler

Donation from Dan’s Friend

Funds raised from Tiggy Taylor and Dan’s Memorial football match April 2008

Monies raised so far from the sale of Daniel Gaydon tribute tops by Colony IV

Thanks to all who contributed. We love you Dano.
This money was raised at Farm Fest 2007

Funds raised from Tiggy Taylor and Dan’s Memorial football day 6/4/07 at Minehead Football Club