BBC R4 Appeal

80% of the biodiversity lost worldwide has been lost from islands, where introduced species devastate unique flora and fauna. Floreana is one such island, where 55 endemic species are threatened with extinction, and a further 12 have gone locally extinct due to invasive species and habitat loss. 

Galapagos Conservation Trust are part of an ambitious, ground-breaking project which aims to completely restore Floreana island, including eradicating invasive species, and reintroduce locally extinct species back onto it, such as the Floreana mockingbird. This will be the first large, inhabited island in the world to have its habitat completely restored, and will act as a template for other conservation projects globally.

We’re delighted that we were granted a BBC R4 Appeal slot to raise awareness about Floreana and its endemic species and our president Monty Halls presented the appeal for us in February 2018.

Below you can hear from Monty about why he is inspired by this project:

You can listen to the appeal here.  Please donate today and help us save a species! You can do so online or by calling us on 020 7399 7440. Please do not donate via the Radio 4 website as they are no longer accepting donations on our behalf.


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