Young photographer competition

Please note that the 2019 competition is now closed.

This section of the competition is open to anyone who is 17 or under. There are no specific categories – we welcome any aspect of wildlife, landscape or human activity in Galapagos. We just encourage all participants to explore and discover the wonders of the Galapagos Islands.

How to enter:

Please note that the same rules apply as to the adult competition so please read the How to enter section. You will, however, need your parent or legal guardian to read and sign a Consent Form before entering. We will then send them a specific link which will allow you to enter the competition. If we do not get consent and you do not enter via the specific Youth Photographer Competition link, we will not be able to enter your photos into the competition. 

Please ensure that your parent or legal guardian reads the Youth Photographer Competition Privacy Notice (see below) and the competition Terms and Conditions before completing the Consent Form.

Youth Photographer Competition Privacy Policy

GCT relies on the generosity of its members and supporters to carry out vital conservation work in Galapagos. We aim to be transparent in why we need to collect your personal data and once we have it how we will use it.

This policy exists so that you feel confident about the privacy and security of your personal information. We take protecting your privacy very seriously and will always take all reasonable steps within our power to make sure your information is safe. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to the collection and use of any information you provide in accordance with this privacy policy.

In this Privacy Policy, references to “we” and “us” are to the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

This Privacy Policy is supplementary to the general GCT Privacy Policy and explains how your personal information and that of your child will specifically be used in relation to the Youth Photographer Competition.

How we use your personal information for the Young Photographer Competition

  1. We are collecting your personal information, and that of your child, for the organisation and administration of the Young Photographer Competition. It will not be used for any other purpose unless you choose to receive the e-Newsletter from us.
  2. If your child wins or is a runner up in the competition, we will use their name, age, country and chosen image in communications about our photography competition both online and in print. If you do not consent to this, we will not be able to enter their photo into the competition.

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