Photography Competition – Categories

Welcome to the Galapagos Conservation Trust’s Galapagos Photography Competition! Please read on to find out about our categories!

We have six categories for you to enter. They are:

Up close and personal:

Illustrate the intricacy or beauty of a plant, or the character and personality of an animal in its Galapagos habitat. Judges will look for careful composition and the pin-sharp focus of close-up or macro photography.

Overall 2nd place - Old timer smile by © Christopher Turner

Old timer smile © Christopher Turner

Passion Flower © Amy Dolman


Animal behaviour: 

Demonstrate a particular aspect of a Galapagos animal’s natural behaviour. Judges will look for unusual behaviours that are rarely seen, or a common behaviour depicted in an interesting and inspired way.

Animal Behaviour 1st place - Galapagos sea lion with octopus by © Jose Guerrero Vela

Galapagos sea lion with octopus © Jose Guerrero Vela

Animal Behaviour 2nd place - Achoo by © Joseph Sullivan (also Public's Choice 2nd place)

Achoo! © Joseph Sullivan (Marine iguana)



Highlight the natural beauty of the Galapagos landscape. With its volcanic highlands, sloping forests, rocky shores, cliffs, beaches, lagoons and lava flows, there are plenty of opportunities. Judges will be looking for a breath-taking, unusual or awe-inspiring shot.

Santiago ©  Susanna Oreskovic

Santiago © Susanna Oreskovic

Landscape, Volcano Chico ©Henri Leduc

Volcano Chico, Isabela © Henri Leduc



Celebrate the diversity of Galapagos marine life. You can focus on the environment itself, or one of the hundreds of creatures that live in the seas around the Islands. Judges will look for stunning or unusual shots that showcase the wonders of the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

Dorid nudibranch by Jodie Mae

Endemical © Jodie Mae (Dorid nudibranch)

Spotted eagle ray Harriet Gardiner

Spotted eagle ray © Harriet Gardiner


Urban life:

The human population is growing in Galapagos, and its wildlife is learning to adapt. Your original image could capture locals going about their everyday life, bold animals exploiting the urban habitat or an unexpected scene in an urban setting. 

Great blue heron - Jenny Venning

Time for a swim © Jenny Venning (Great blue heron)

Fruit and veg market, Santa Cruz - Jen Jones

Fruit and veg market, Santa Cruz © Jen Jones


Environmental threats:

A powerful look at the threats that the unique species of Galapagos must overcome. Images can be challenging, inspiring or provocative but should illustrate either the issues themselves or the conservation work that is being done to stop them. Please note, that depending on the image, we may review whether we can show it publicly.

Galapagos giant tortoise and horse - Megan Sligsby

Galapagos giant tortoise and horse © Megan Sligsby

Overall 1st place - Sea lion and kayaks by © Lutz Bunger (also Man in the Archipelago 1st Place)

Sea lion and kayaks © Lutz Bunger

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