Adopt a Galapagos Animal

Adopting a Galapagos penguin, giant tortoise or hammerhead shark is a great way to help conserve these threatened species and the islands they call home. Our adoption packs come with a personalised certificate, a collectible fact file and a fun soft toy. You will also receive email updates about the conservation work that we are doing to help protect these endangered and charismatic species.

Galapagos sea lion

Galapagos giant tortoise

Galapagos penguin

Hammerhead shark

Floreana mockingbird

What’s Included?

Digital Adoption Packs

  • Personalisable digital certificate
  • Digital species fact file
  • Email updates 
  • Available worldwide

Postal Adoption Packs

  • Printed personalised certificate
  • Collectible species fact file
  • Soft toy or mockingbird pin
  • Email updates