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October 19, 2023 Past events

Galapagos Day 2023

Royal Geographical Society, London • 6:30 pm (UK time) • £15 / £10 for students
Little vermilion flycatcher with juveniles

Rewilding Galapagos

At Galapagos Day 2023 we explored the power of rewilding to repair island ecosystems that have been degraded by human activity, explaining how projects like the restoration of Floreana island can act as a template for conservation efforts worldwide.

There is a growing realisation around the world that biodiversity loss needs to be reversed if we are to mitigate against the worst effects of climate change, and nations are now committed to protecting 30% of the world’s land and sea by 2030. Rewilding creates more space for nature and allows natural processes to drive the restoration of damaged ecosystems, often with a little helping hand from humans.

In Galapagos we are supporting projects to remove invasive species, create new habitat and reintroduce ‘keystone species’ such as giant tortoises to islands where they are now locally extinct. Rewilding also brings economic benefits to local communities by creating green jobs in conservation, regenerative farming and ecotourism. Rewilded land has a role to play in everything from carbon capture to preventing the transmission of zoonotic diseases, and can help to create a world in which humans thrive in balance with the natural world.

Audience at Galapagos Day 2022
Galapagos Day 2022 © GCT
Merchandise at Galapagos Day 2022
Merchandise stall at Galapagos Day 2022 © GCT

As well as enjoying stimulating talks from our speakers, Galapagos Day is an opportunity to speak to our staff and project partners, network with like-minded individuals, check out our Galapagos photography exhibition, meet our corporate partners and buy Galapagos merchandise including Christmas cards, wildlife adoption packs, photo prints and calendars.

Proceeds from this event will help to fund our conservation work in Galapagos.

Our speakers:

Prof Alastair Driver

Prof Alastair Driver

Rewilding Britain

Dr Birgit Fessl

Dr Birgit Fessl

Charles Darwin Foundation

Dr Sarah Darwin

Dr Sarah Darwin

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

His Excellency Mr Luis Vayas Valdivieso

His Excellency Mr Luis Vayas Valdivieso

Ambassador of Ecuador to the United Kingdom

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