Protecting the Birds of Galapagos

Watch the replay of our webinar which took place on  21 April 2022 to find out how vampire flies, rats and brambles, amongst other invasive species, are threatening the endangered birds of Galapagos and what we can do about it. 

The introduction of invasive species, and the increase in human population has meant that some habitats in the Galapagos Islands have been degraded, affecting the wildlife that live there, especially the Archipelago’s unique birds. Exciting projects, however, such as the restoration of the whole of Floreana island, painstaking work to remove fly larvae from nests, and the clearing of blackberry plants are all set to help.  

Hear from experts about their work in the field, and how they are helping to increase the survival of the rare birds of Galapagos.  

Speakers included: Jen Jones, Head of Programmes at Galapagos Conservation Trust; Roland Digby, Floreana Mitigation Officer at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust; and Birgit Fessl, Coordinator of the Galapagos Landbird Plan at the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Watch the replay here: