Connecting with Nature webinar

Thank you for your interest – our Connecting with Nature webinar is now finished. 

The loss of jobs and income in Galapagos due to the halt in tourism has increased the pressure on the Islands’ natural resources and, in turn, could damage the very biodiversity that tourism relies on. GCT is using the lessons learned in 2020 to support initiatives that will provide sustainable employment and training opportunities outside of the tourism industry. 

However, it is just as important that we continue our education and outreach activities during these challenging times in order to ensure that the young people in Galapagos become more connected to their environment.   

Through a series of short videos and talks, we explored how we engage children and teenagers throughout their education, and how we encourage them, and their families, to protect the Islands and its wildlife and ensure that Galapagos remains a place of wonder. 

Our speakers were:

  • British explorer and environmentalist David de Rothschild hosted the event. David is focused on re-igniting collective hope in the future of the planet and giving nature a voice. Over the last two decades he has been harnessing his curious spirit and traversing some of the world’s toughest environments, most notably across the Pacific Ocean on the Plastiki.  His latest project, ReWild Yourself, aims to increase nature connectedness and create more equitable access to nature. In 2006, David founded the Voice for Nature Foundation, an organisation that helps unearth and empower innovative solutions for our planet.
  • GCT Education and Outreach Coordinator in Galapagos Anne Guezou talked about her work on the Islands. Anne has over 18 years of experience in Ecuador and Galapagos. A biologist and botanist by training, Anne’s professional path has taken her from naturalist guiding in Galapagos to research in botany and conservation at the Charles Darwin Foundation and environmental education in France and Ecuador. She joined GCT in January 2017 and works in close collaboration with local partners on GCT’s priority themes like the Plastic Free Galapagos Programme.
  • GCT partner Ashleigh Klingman spoke about her experience as an educator on the Islands including running the Urban Family Gardening Project. Ashleigh has lived with her family on San Cristobal island and worked for more than 15 years on community education projects. She is most at home designing, implementing and evaluating grass-roots projects with local stakeholders.
  • GCT partner Diana Pazmiño’s talk included how she came to run the Gills Club which aims to engage more girls in shark science. Diana is a Professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito who was born in the Galapagos Islands. She is a geneticist, studying the connectivity of shark and ray populations. 

You can watch the recording below. 

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