Connecting with Nature webinar

The loss of jobs and income in Galapagos due to the halt in tourism has increased the pressure on the Islands’ natural resources and, in turn, could damage the very biodiversity that tourism relies on. GCT is using the lessons learned in 2020 to support initiatives that will provide sustainable employment and training opportunities outside of the tourism industry. 

However, it is just as important that we continue our education and outreach activities during these challenging times in order to ensure that the young people in Galapagos become more connected to their environment.   

Through a series of short videos and talks, our Connecting with Nature webinar will explore how we engage children and teenagers throughout their education, and how we encourage them, and their families, to protect the Islands and its wildlife and ensure that Galapagos remains a place of wonder. 

We are currently finalising the details. If you would like to be the first to find out more, please register your interest using the form below.

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