Darwin vs Raffle Round 7: The Price

With the draw for the raffle just a few weeks away, this is the final round of Darwin vs. Raffle. The raffle is streaks ahead at 5-1 so the battle has somewhat of a foregone conclusion, but lets see how the last round pans out when we compare the costs of trip to Darwin and to the respective raffle winner…

Darwin: Despite FitzRoy inviting Darwin to join him on the Beagle voyage he did not pay him. In fact, Darwin had to pay for his keep. In a letter to his sister, Susan, Darwin wrote:

I shall pay to mess the same as Captain does himself 30£ per annum, & Fitzroy says if I spend including my outfitting 500 it will be beyond the extreme.

If we take £30 per year as the minimum Darwin paid for his trip, times this by five to account for the duration of the voyage, and then adjust for inflation, the amount comes to a rather staggering £12,890.

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Raffle: £1 !!!

Verdict: No need for justification on this one – the raffle really does cost just £1 to enter, and the winner will receive a cabin for two on board the Beluga for an 8-day cruise, plus £1,000 towards each guest’s flights. 

Enter the raffle now for your chance to win this incredible prize!